You earned those credits. Let’s make them count.

转移ring your college credits doesn’t have to be complicated. 在一个&移动商务, we’ll simplify the process with tools, resources and support that lets you make the most of your credits – and your entire college journey. 今天加入我们!

See how your courses transfer

A&移动商务 accepts most academic credits submitted from any two- or four-year college, community college or university. There are two methods to see how your earned credits will transfer.

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See how your courses may transfer to A&移动商务 by accessing our transfer equivalency portal.

Use 转移ology

Looking for a direct path to finish your degree at A&移动商务? Create an account with 转移ology and begin exploring your options to fast-track your path to the finish-line.

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IMPORTANT DEADLINES for transfer students


Fall priority deadline

8月. 1

Fall final deadline

11月. 1

Spring priority deadline

12月. 1

Spring final deadline

Follow a 转移 Pathway from 达拉斯 College to A&移动商务.

皇冠体育365赌博&M University-商务 is proud to present a partnership with 达拉斯 College where multiple Academic Academies are available to you. The academies provide 达拉斯 College students with convenient options to transfer to A&移动商务 in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree after earning an associate degree and completing the program requirements of the 转移 Pathway. This allows students to experience a seamless education between the two institutions.

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Experience our pride.

You’ll be a proud member of the A&移动商务 family, and we’ll be proud to welcome you! We believe that every person adds something special to our campus community, and we need your unique contribution. Our campus is a friendly place where 狮子s collaborate and innovate to create a bright future. Come see for yourself why we’re one of the best colleges in the 达拉斯-Fort Worth area.

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